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Bradley Manning has been accused of unauthorised disclosure of US classified information, including a video and military logs detailing the deaths of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, and of classified diplomatic cables. He is currently held in solitary confinement with little access to fresh air, daylight or exercise and has so far been imprisoned for over seven months without being tried or convicted of any offence. Had this happened to a US citizen anywhere outside the USA, the US government would have been outraged.

As well as this action against Bradley Manning, the US is also pursuing Julian Assange and has now asked for information on over half a million Wikileaks supporters on Twitter. The US has shown remarkable energy in its pursuit of alleged whistleblowers. Has it investigated the deaths of those innocent civilians with the same vigour? With any vigour whatsoever?

And which would you consider a crime? To conceal the deaths of innocent civilians, or to reveal them? I know what my answer would be.