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Dear Agnes, wait for me 1
The fastest accountant in the west 2
If 3
Moby Nigel 4
Underground lady 6
Sleepy lady 7
The British Grand Prix 8
A short history of the Grooge Tramway 10
Stoke on Trent 13
Sod all left to write about blues 13
The rise and fall of Ghengis Ackroyd 14
Dr Bannister's Patent Scrotal Rupture Truss 16
The song is for you 17
The streets of West Gorton 18
Yukon River 19
Sparky's Magic Contraceptive 20
I used to be a great international playboy 22
The mark of Cousteau 23
He's free 24
Down by the old canal 25
Corra linn 25
The battle of Jericho 26
The warm softness of your sunset 28
Arthur, King of all England 29
The wooden horse of 83 Clegg Street 32
Mrs Ackroyd 33
The walrus and the fingle 34
Sunshine of May 35
Beware of young ladies who have three breasts 36