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What gift can I give? 1
The Mekon steals Anglesey 2
Thoughts of a statue 7
A pedestrian's guide to running 8
Roy of the Rovers is gay 10
Dover soul 12
Livin' doll 13
Been to Piccadilly 14
Midnight Medlock 14
He met her where the men go round 15
Bucket o' worms 16
Wilson of the Wizard 18
The morrisperson 20
When Dracula went to the blood bank 22
Deck of Cards (an early version)  24
O O Oswald Mosley 26
The cowboy at the end of the world 27
Lord Franklin 28
At last a dream 29
By the time I reach the Phoenix 30
I said I'd get a Rolls 31
Cagoule 32
Kendal mint cakewalk 33
Rolls Royce blues 34
Germolene 35
The devil and the motor trade 36