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The seventh son of the man from the Pru 4
I've got a hunch you don't love me, Esmeralda 5
Cocoa 6
Up on Tandle Hill 7
Zion and Lenny the lion 10
I remember Mavis Allcock 11
On a blanket in the Co-op 12
Oh Nasim 13
A man came out of Dukinfield 14
The Stalybridge Shuffle 18
Hot Mumps gumbo 20
I got my modo working 21
The Werneth Cannonball 24
Boxcar Blues 25
Lulu, what did you do in the loo? 26
The big bogey boogie 27
Oldham (home of the blues) 28
Snot all down my sleeve 29
Spanish gold cycle clips 34
Don't you ever say that I'm a liar 36